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STEM-Inspired Art at Duvall Homes

January 11, 2017 – New art panels debuted at Duvall Homes’ 2017 Inspiration Gala, which displayed artworks influenced by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) subjects. The Opportunities Enrichment Center (Adult Day Training – ADT) at Duvall Homes incorporates, among other things, the cultural arts and influences of STEM subjects into their regular curriculum.

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Created individually and collaboratively, the works displayed on the art panels were inspired through the observation of other art done by professional painters and photographers, by learning about and viewing images associated with current events in the news, and by exploring the natural environment surrounding Duvall’s abundant Glenwood campus.

Solar Eclipse STEAM

The Support Specialists at Duvall’s ADT center create original programming. They use various educational resources, including digital guides and personal iPads to instruct science-based events like the epic solar eclipse that passed over the U.S. this past August, or eagle nesting that occurs at Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge just minutes from Duvall’s campus.

Duvall Homes Fauna Art

Given only modified assistance when required, Duvall artists incorporated designs, figures and shapes on canvases of all types and measurements, and created an impressive collection that inspired every individual privileged to view them. Mediums of all types were used from pastels, acrylics, charcoal, chalk and ink, to rocks, twigs and recycled wood, cardboard and aluminum. We’re excited with the specialized programming that takes place at Duvall Homes and proud of the empowerment instilled on all of our ADT participants.

Art For EveryoneShould your business be interested in exhibiting works of art created by individuals with developmental disabilities from our community in our care, please view our growing virtual DeLand Art Gallery and contact Elizabeth Bhimjee, CMDO, at ebhimjee@duvallhomes.org or 386.734.2874 ext. 102.



Read full Stem-Inspired story on pages 6 and 7 of Duvall’s 2017 Fall Newsletter.

A Total Eclipse ExperienceEagle Watch & ArtArt Rocks

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November 2, 2019 – “Dear Duvall Homes’ Team Member, without your commitment to helping others, the people in our care would be at risk. Instead, you bring joy and comfort to them each and every day, and the impact of your generosity and kindness has made a true difference in their lives. The greatest gift you give this holiday season is your selfless compassion.” – Steven DeVane, CEO

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