Receptionist Retires After 33 Years

Duvall Homes

June 1, 2017 – Earlier this week, a longtime valued employee, Wynonna “Cookie” Stanfield, retired from her position as receptionist of Duvall Homes after 33 years of dedicated service.

Stanfield, 1987

For Stanfield it has been a family affair for more reasons than one. Stanfield’s father worked at Duvall, as did her husband, son and granddaughter. Her son Matthew Stanfield, is the Director of Facilities & Grounds, and her daughter-in-law, Vicky Stanfield is a Group Home Manager, both have been an employee for more than 20 years themselves.

Duvall Homes
Coworkers with more than 30 years each of experience working at Duvall Homes, send their well wishes to Cookie Stanfield. Left, to right: Nurse Susan Szekely; Group Home Manager Millie Bowers; Cookie Stanfield; and Group Home Manager, and daughter-in-law of Cookie, Vicky Stanfield

“I’ve been here since 1984 and have seen a great deal of changes through the years, and have been inspired by so many things at Duvall,” said Stanfield, “but yesterday (the day before retiring) was extra special.”

Cookie had paid a visit to Adult Day Training at the Opportunities Enrichment Center, which is on the same grounds as Administration in Glenwood, to say goodbye to staff and residents. As she was leaving, Priscilla, a resident of Duvall Homes for many years, walked up to Cookie to say something.


“How about all of those youth group picnics? The Friday night dances and field trips – we had some good times didn’t we Cookie? I will miss you,” said Priscilla.

“It was great to realize that they remember too,” said Cookie, “and that we did make an impact on their lives, just as they have on me.”

“Their parents and families are wonderful people too. Together with the many staff I’ve worked with, I have a lot of very fond memories to carry with me from my time here.”

CookieThe staff threw a retirement luncheon for Cookie, Duvall Homes CEO, Steven DeVane, gave a few nice words (below), and parents who have known Cookie for decades, including Tess Daly and Thomas Kenney, stopped by to give her a hug (top).

At 74, Stanfield plans to visit from time-to-time as she does live in Glenwood, but has a lot to keep her busy, including her new great grandbaby, Trent, born just last month.

Thanks for your many years Cookie. Happy Retirement!