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Maggie’s Fitting for Night To Shine

Night To Shine DeLand

Steven DeVane
CEO, Duvall Homes

“What inspires me is the daily commitment and dedication of the staff at Duvall Homes. From the Direct Support Professionals who work around the clock caring for our most vulnerable, to our Group Home Managers; Facilities, Grounds & Automotive crew; our Opportunities Enrichment Specialists; and the field experts in my Administrative team, they all are an inspiration.”

Ruby & Marlon Helton

“We’re inspired because Duvall Homes is the best place we could find for our son that makes him feel like a real person.”

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Shirley at Adult Day Training

ADT Duvall Homes

William & Susan Voges
William J. Voges Foundation

“Susan and I enjoyed Duvall Homes’ Gala and found it quite inspirational. We truly appreciate what Steven and others are doing and the impact they are having on the lives of many special members of our community.”

ImInspired iminspired.org

Michael Ugarte, MSEd.
Board of Regents, Duvall Homes

“I’M INspired by the dedication and care provided to our residents by the Duvall Homes staff. Duvall Homes is a unique place where individuals are allowed and encouraged to shine for the whole world to experience.”

Image of Inspiration
ADT Paints Rocks for Community

Duvall Homes DeLand Rocks

Charlie Kron
Board of Regents, Duvall Homes

“I AM INspired by the dedicated staff and volunteers who work to provide a safe and loving environment for the residents.”

Image of Inspiration
Natalia at Adult Day Training

I'm Inspired Duvall Homes

Cookie Stanfield
Receptionist, Retired May 2017

“It’s inspiring to share the impact the residents had on my life. Their parents and families, and staff, are wonderful people too. I have a lot of very fond memories to carry with me from my 33 years here.”

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A Boulevard of Inspiration

Inspiring Initiative
Stetson University Music Students

Duvall Homes I'm Inspired

Image of Inspiration
ADT Specialist Jaleah with Matt


Valerie Dawson
ADT Supervisor, Duvall Homes

“I’M INspired by the fact that many of our participants in our Adult Day Training have opportunities that enable them to make choices for themselves.”

Beth Kastanotis
Sister of Duvall Resident

“The Staff of Duvall Homes cared for my sister Louise with great love, constant laughter and never-ending patience for 50 years. We will never be able to thank them and others in the community enough for all they have given to her and her family during her time here.”

Inspiring Science
ADT Experiences 2017 Solar Eclipse

2017 Solar Eclipse DeLand

Ann Stone
Sister of Duvall Resident

“You can’t imagine how happy, how satisfied I am to know that my brother is doing exactly what he should be doing with the exact people I would choose to support him at this exact time.  Eddie is calmer than I’ve seen him in years and clearly has embraced his new digs. Our spirits, mine and our father’s, have been renewed. I’m so very proud of my big brother!”

Image of Inspiration
Elizabeth at Journey’s End

I'm Inspired Duvall Homes

Danisa Taska
Group Home Manager, Duvall Homes

“What inspires me is knowing that I can make a difference in the lives of those who I care for with developmental disabilities – and they inspire me too. I have a gallery of pictures they have made and given to me… that inspires me every time I look at it.”

Image of Inspiration
Meg cashes her check

Duvall Homes I'm Inspired

Maureen Kemp
Kemp Realty Group, Broker-Owner

“I was first introduced to Duvall through the Keyettes Club at DeLand High School more than 30 years ago. I was inspired then, and am proud to support them today.”

Barbara Stickler
Presbyterian Women Mission
North Lake Presbyterian Church, Lady Lake

“We’re inspired by the joy, creativity and imagination of all who participate in the arts programs at Duvall Homes. We feel blessed to be able to support the program in a small way. May God Bless all who participate and work with these amazing individuals!”

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John Earns a Paycheck

Duvall Homes I'm Inspired

Image of Inspiration
Randy Delivers for Meals on Wheels

I'm Inspired Duvall Homes

Julie & Bert Reames
Reames Employee Benefits Solutions

“We thank Duvall Homes for permitting us to be part of their family and give support to their projects. They are trustworthy, competent stewards of the funds they receive.”

Peggy Smith
Inspiration Gala Volunteer

BeatleBeat #TheDuvallDifference

“Thank you for letting me be involved in such a great event.” More

Image of Inspiration
Joe Makes Cards for Night To Shine

ADT Duvall Homes

Jeanne & Dave Bedell
Parents of Duvall Resident

“Duvall Homes’ 2017 Inspiration Gala, with Johnny Wild and the Delights playing ‘our music’, was the best fundraiser ever! We’re inspired by the heroic efforts of the Duvall staff during Hurricane Irma and the patient and loving care they give residents every day.”

Bobbi Baugh
Mixed Media Artist

“I’M INspired by art that serves as a window into what is not always easily seen in a person. For every artmaker, the work is a window to inner thoughts and emotions.  Art reveals passions, interests and sensitivities. This is surely true of Duvall’s artists too. And I am inspired by a place that recognizes the importance of self-expression for all people and that makes this possible.”

Image of Inspiration
Patrick Paints at ADT

Duvall Homes DeLand

Elizabeth Bhimjee
Chief Marketing & Development
Officer, Duvall Homes

“Aside from the inspiring work being done here every day, and the success stories we witness in our residents, I am especially inspired by the outpouring of donations we receive from our families and community partners! We are always in need and tremendously grateful for all gifts of support!”

Image of Inspiration
Collaborative Artwork at ADT

iminspired Duvall Homes ADT

Tim Nelson
ADT Supervisor

“Over the years, I’ve seen so many individuals make gains – big and small – but all notable. From mastering a new skill instead of being isolated, to developing new interests instead of being fearful. It’s inspiring to know those gains were made by curriculum they participate in daily and inspiring to see the impact it has on their lives and the lives of their families.”

Inspiring Quilt
by Beth Conrad
ADT Support Coordinator

Iminspired Duvall Homes

Inspiring Employee
DSP Sanjuana and Lyle

#ImInspired“If I could share one thing with others, it is not to underestimate what those in our care are capable of doing… I’m proud of the work I do.”

Inspiring Night
Night To Shine Comes To DeLand

#NTS #NTSDeLand Duvall Homes

Jason Cline
VP & GM, DaVita Labs

“We are honored to serve and support Duvall Homes. Their mission of caring for its residents greatly mirrors the commitment we feel to our patients, our teammates and our world. Our partnership brings us great pride and fulfillment. We are so glad that we can call upon each other as neighbors in the wonderful City of DeLand.”

Inspiring Independence
ADT Vocational Workshop


Image of Inspiration
Kristen Studying Astronomy

iminspired I'mInspired.org

John & Barbara Vazquez
Family of Duvall Resident

“We are inspired and comforted by knowing that Nancy is well taken care of and her needs are looked after, all in a family environment.”

Image of Inspiration
Priscilla Endorses her Paycheck

I'm Inspired Duvall Homes

Lisa Habermehl
Director of Marketing, Duvall Homes

“There are so many things that inspire me about Duvall Homes, but if I have to choose one thing, it would be the amount of community service our ADT participants do each and every week – it’s inspiring and quite impressive.”

Karen Kummerer
CFO, Duvall Homes

I’M INspired by James Moore CPAs for their recent Day of Service. Because of their generous volunteering, Duvall Homes’ Bargain Store received a complete new paint job in just a few hours. Thank you all, including FiCPA and staff.”

Duvall Homes I'm Inspired

Image of Inspiration
DSP Domonique with Roberta

Group Home DSP RA

Rob Walsh
Duvall Homes, Board of Regents Chair

“I’M INspired by the dedicated efforts of Duvall Homes Staff during, and following, Hurricane Irma. They worked day and night to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents and their homes. I’m proud to be a part of Duvall Homes and their steadfast mission.”

Image of Inspiration
Duvall Represents at Me Strong 5K

Duvall Homes Me Strong