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United Way Volusia Flagler

United Way of Volusia-Flagler Awards Duvall Homes

January 23, 2018 – Duvall Homes was selected to receive an award totaling $10,000 from the United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties @yourunitedway for Hurricane Irma recovery.

The grant is funded through the generosity of the Eli Lilly Foundation, United Worldwide, Parks Dermatology, SunTrust Bank and other corporations to provide relief and recovery after the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

The was able to distribute $107,600 to local organizations serving the two-county area in need of recovery associated with damage caused when the hurricane hit the area September 10, 2018.

This essential funding is vital to the repair of several buildings that were affected on the Glenwood campus of Duvall Homes.

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Duvall Homes DSP

Keeping DSPs in the Conversation

December 19, 2017 – Keeping Direct Support Professionals in the Conversation. Recently, Duvall Homes’ CEO, Steven DeVane, met with the Executive Director of Florida’s Center for Nursing, Mary Lou Brunell, to discuss Florida’s healthcare sector and its workforce shortages.

Florida Healthcare Workforce

Housed at the University of Central Florida, the HWRI (Healthcare Workforce Research Initiative) provides healthcare occupational data to facilitate research and grant proposals that support a healthier Florida. Comprised of three research centers – Center for Healthcare Providers; Center for Nursing; and Center for Allied Health – the HWRI contributes to better healthcare workforce strategies, and DeVane sits on the committee to represent the voice of DSP (Direct Support Professionals), a profession essential to providing critical care and services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities in our state.  To learn more, visit the following web pages:

Sustaining A Vital Workforce

Campaign for Action and Florida Center for Nursing.

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Duvall Homes I'm Inspired #iminspired


Duvall Group Homes

Sustaining a Vital Workforce

August 16, 2017 – Duvall Homes’ latest YouTube video Sustaining a Vital Workforce: Raising the Profile of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provides the community with an overview on the importance of valuable professional caregivers who provide specialized direct care every day, all day, for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities we support.

Florida DSPs provide physical care, teach life and job skills and advocate for those in our care so they can live self-determined lives in their own communities. Together, let’s help raise the DSP profile! Share this video with your friends.

Duvall Homes NewsletterRead a detailed article on sustaining the vital DSP Workforce in Florida in the Duvall Homes’ 2017 Spring Newsletter.

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iminspired I'mInspired Duvall Homes

A Boulevard of Inspiration

July 31, 2017 – When Ruby Helton learned that the image of her developmentally disabled son, Jason, would appear this August in one of 16 banners that would adorn Woodland Boulevard (US Hwy 17-92) north and south of New York Avenue downtown DeLand, she was ecstatic. “Oh my, I will be driving down Woodland Blvd. every single day,” said Ruby in her sweet Georgia-native accent. Ruby and her husband moved to DeLand from Georgia seven years ago specifically for Jason. “Duvall Homes was the best place we could find for our son that makes him feel like a real person.”

iminspired I'mInspired Duvall Homes
Jason H.

Jason wears a helmet, because like so many individuals with a developmental disability, he also suffers from a seizure disorder. This however, does not curtail the goal setting and -achieving set by Jason and his personal Direct Support Professionals in his supportive housing nor reduce the educational, cultural and social opportunities organized by his team at Duvall’s Adult Day Training (ADT).

“We aim to provide daily experiences that produce opportunities of learning at various levels on the cognitive spectrum,” said Shirley Zonnevylle, Duvall’s ADT Director. Many experiences have a lasting positive impact on the participants’ lives and their families, while other experiences offer valued moments of curiosity and joy, which the images on the boulevard banners so clearly depict.

Banner images also include one resident, Meg, smiling after endorsing her check following fulfilled obligations for MBI. Other banners show residents holding art they have personally created (or discovered through #DeLandRocks) and young music students from Stetson University with residents who they performed for, or worked with, through their Instruments of Healing group.

Group Homes Duvall Homes
Shirley T.

“That’s me! I did that painting!” announced Shirley T., an ADT community participant, as she pointed at an image of herself holding a painted vase of colorful flowers.  When asked what she thought about being on a very large 7′ banner that will hang downtown DeLand, she smiled and said, “I’m happy… my painting is in that room over there.”

Duvall Homes will celebrate its third annual Inspiration Gala fundraiser, presented by Reames Employee Benefits Solutions, September 29, 2017, at the Sanborn Center, with the focus of honoring those inspirational experiences. The evening will also pay special tribute to businesses and individuals who support and sponsor the empowerment of those in Duvall’s care, including this year’s special honoree, John Olivari of Olivari & Associates, CPA.

Maureen Kemp, Kemp Realty Group Broker, and her husband Chris are the 2017 Gala entertainment sponsors, which will be Johnny Wild & the Delights. “I was first introduced to Duvall through the Keyettes Club at DeLand High School more than 30 years ago and am proud to support them today.” said Kemp

People are always amazed when they discover what the developmentally disabled are capable of doing, including community service and earning a paycheck, and these banners shine light on just a fraction of the inspiring stories of those who quietly live, and struggle, in the background, unknowing to the average person.

Reames Employment Benefits Solution Duvall
Randy E.

While the government does provide funding toward housing and training for developmentally disabled, not surprisingly, there remains a persistent gap between actual costs and what Medicaid Waiver covers. “Coupled with federal mandates tied to licensing and certifications, there remains additional costs for insurance, group home operations and special need vehicles. So we are dependent on the generosity of the members of our community to help us minimize this gap,” said Elizabeth Bhimjee, Chief Marketing & Development Officer. “Our Inspiration Gala has become an essential event to help us with those financial challenges.”

The installation of these symbolic banners is yet another milestone in Duvall Homes’ enduring 72-year history that began in the single-family home of Thelma and Alanson Duvall and their Down syndrome son, which has now grown to 16 group homes. Learn more about Duvall Homes and its 2017 Inspiration Gala, an RSVP ticketed event, at Members of the public are encouraged to comment what inspires them about the banners and Duvall Homes.

Thank you to ERA Grizzard Real Estate for their use of an image taken of Downtown DeLand at night as a backdrop for our 2017 Inspiration Gala program cover.

Tell us what you think about these banners and DeLand’s Boulevard of Inspiration by visiting and filling out the fields, or by email Homes I'm Inspired


Learn about Duvall Homes’ 2017 Inspiration Gala.

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BE Duvall Homes

Bright Expectations (BE)

July 24, 2017 – Bright Expectations (BE) is Florida’s site dedicated to helping Florida residents with unique abilities find the support, resources, and inspiration they and their families need to break barriers, defy lowered expectations, and achieve the brightest futures they can imagine.
Florida, and Duvall Homes, cares about its residents with unique abilities and strives to help each one succeed.
The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts, and through its new website,, you find stories, information and resources to help you as you start this journey.
Read more Duvall Homes News & Events and learn about the many Programs & Services we provide to Florida residents with developmental disabilities.
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Duvall Homes DeLand

ADT Valentine’s Day Celebration

Duvall Homes Valentine’s Day Celebration – Group Home Residents and community participants of Duvall Homes’ Adult Day Training (ADT) in Glenwood, Florida, enjoyed an outdoor Valentine’s Day celebration Tuesday, February 14, 2017, complete with a photo board, refreshments, music, and dancing under the perfect balmy Florida skies.

Technology DuvallPhoto board images were captured by both ADT educators and participants using iPads as part of Duvall’s curriculum to develop communication skills and broaden knowledge in technology in its Opportunities Enrichment Center. This form of programming provides essential learning tools used to encourage participants to engage socially and is especially effective for participants who are non-verbal communicators. The iPads were purchased for ADT following the award of the 2015 Greenfeather Grant from Stetson University.

View additional images on Duvall’s Facebook page at

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Duvall Homes Allstate

Allstate Foundation Grant

Duvall Homes received a $1000 “Helping Hands in the Community” grant from The Allstate Foundation. Facilitated by Allstate Agent Nanette Rosevear (left), the award, handed to Elizabeth Bhimjee, Duvall Homes’ Chief Marketing and Development Officer, comes as a direct result of Rosevear’s many hours of service to Duvall Homes and the developmentally disabled people we serve.

Nanette Rosevear Duvall HomesAs an ambassador and committed volunteer, Nanette has enabled the growth and success of Duvall Homes’ Art For Everyone Program. Its future is certainly in good hands thanks to her contributions of time, talent and treasure!

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Duvall Home Changes Name

December 18, 2015 A massive transformation, decades in the making, can’t possibly be reflected in one letter. But the Duvall Home is now Duvall Homes. Plural.

One thing that isn’t changing, though, is the headquarters for the private nonprofit provider of housing and care for adults with cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental disabilities. Duvall Homes will remain at its rural campus in Glenwood, officials say. (3395 Grand Avenue, Glenwood, FL)

In 2000, Duvall housed about 250 people in residence halls at the 16-acre campus at the corner of Grand Avenue and Lemon Street in this unincorporated burb northwest of DeLand. This year, the private, nonprofit provider moved the last of its clients from McGaffin Hall into one of its 17 group homes across West Volusia.

The name change reflects that transformation at the same time the Duvall Homes board faced a decision: What to do with the Glenwood property now that no one lives there.

The board tried to sell the property for 10 months but after no sufficient offers were received, Duvall Homes’ officials say they will hang onto the property bought by the organization in 1952.

“It became evident through market research the property was worth far more to us than to some developer,” said Steven DeVane, CEO. “The decision was made to back off from selling it.”

The Duvall staff and board will soon work with engineering and architectural firms to craft a master plan for the property, said Elizabeth Bhimjee, director of development.

The property, made up of 17 buildings, has 100,000 square feet under roof and a self-contained water and sewer system, plus back-up generators.

The staff will be evaluating which buildings will need to be razed, renovated or constructed, DeVane said.

He intends to keep Duvall’s administrative headquarters on the campus, as well as its day training and employment services facilities. Adults who live in Duvall-run group homes, as well as others who live with their families, come to Glenwood each weekday for programs, where they can work, take arts and crafts classes and learn other skills.

“My vision, and this is very fluid, but this place will be a place that will become a welcome center for people who are engaging with Duvall Homes for the first time,” DeVane said.

The move from the rural campus setting into group homes in communities such as DeLand and Deltona has found a market for new clients, Bhimjee said.  Duvall has continued to build and purchase new group homes to accommodate a growing number of potential new clients, often people in their 50s who have lived with their parents, who are now in their 70s and retiring.

Wilma Allen, Glenwood’s postmaster for the last 20 years and a onetime employee of Duvall Home in the 1960s, said she hears mostly good things about the decision not to sell.

“We are thrilled they’re keeping it. We’d hate to see anything else in there,” she said.

But Allen has mixed feelings about the changes at Duvall.

She said the rural campus in Glenwood has a relaxed setting well-suited to a comfortable life for residents. But Duvall’s residents’ exodus to group homes is a reflection of a federal mandate to allow adults with developmental disabilities and into communities where they can work, live and gain exposure to the world, officials there say.

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* Prior to this name change, the Glenwood group home was also known as Presbyterian Special Services, Inc. (DBA Duvall Home).

Duvall Home Group Home

Duvall Home Residents Transition to Group Homes

November 2, 2014

Using his hands and eyes, Ronnie Rosenberg has a lot to say.

As a toddler, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and now, at 32, he remains nonverbal. Yet, he’s as expressive as anyone when looking ahead to birthdays and holidays at his new group home, or getting on stage to accept an award, as he did Thursday morning.

Moving from an institution in South Florida to a cottage near DeLand run by the Duvall Home has made a big difference, says his cousin and guardian, BethAnn Filingeri.

“He’s much happier,” she said. “He’s gained weight. He looks healthier. … He’s an extrovert now.”

For decades, doctors recommended families of people with cerebral palsy, autism and other disorders send their children to large institutions like Duvall Home’s Glenwood campus. But research, policy and the courts have changed that.

The government more readily funds smaller group homes intertwined in communities, promoting more interaction and normalcy in the lives of people like Rosenberg.

So the Duvall Home — started by the parents of a child with Down syndrome in 1945 — is making the shift from aging dormitories to smaller residential settings. It stands as a symbol for a system for caring for people with disabilities that has evolved in recent decades.

It outgrew its first location in Satsuma, a tiny berg in Putnam County, and moved into a 30-room, rundown hotel in rural Glenwood in 1952. Ultimately, the institution would house 250 people in two dormlike buildings, plus a workshop, chapel and swimming pool. But those structures are deteriorating, as the model for modern-day care — the group home — has been fully embraced by Duvall’s board.

Within the next year, the last of the 40 or so residents of McGaffin Hall, the last residential location on Duvall’s Glenwood campus, will be moved to group homes elsewhere in West Volusia.

Some of those residents have lived in McGaffin for decades.

Continue reading, “Duvall Home residents make transition to group homes”

Florida ARF

Duvall Receives “Community Agency Spotlight” by FARF

September 1, 2014 Duvall Home receives “Community Agency Spotlight” by the Association of Rehabilitation Facilities. (Issues Forum Breaking News: Vol. 12, Iss. 9)Duvall Home recently began working on a transformation of their program to make their residential program a more community-based model.  They have begun their move to gradually transition about sixty residents, currently living on the Glenwood campus, into eight community group homes in and around DeLand. The homes will continue to be operated by Duvall, alongside the ten group homes already established in the community.  The living accommodations provide a home environment modeled after a typical family-style residence.  “This is a time to look to the future”, said CEO Steve DeVane “and to ready Duvall Home to meet the ever-changing requirements, not only of our special-needs population, but also of the state and government agencies that govern us.  As time moves on, our greatest legacy will be to insure Duvall’s strength long into the future – at the very least, another 70 years.”

Duvall Home has been empowering individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities since 1945.  Their mission to provide the highest quality of life and greatest level of independence for each resident is achieved through individualized care plans that include educational opportunities and life skills training.  Duvall Home provides 24-hour around-the-clock nursing oversight, as well as daily transportation to the Adult Day Training Center and a wide variety of community outings.