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Employment Inclusion at Duvall Homes, Inc.

March 21, 2018 – Another busy day last week in our ADT Workshop fulfilling bulk mailers at Duvall’s Opportunities Enrichment Center.

While Duvall Homes’ ADT Workshop completes contracts on its Glenwood campus for the contracting business, ADT participants develop social and vocational skills that empower them to become independent members of our community’s workforce who earn a paycheck.

The Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment acknowledges that employers who appreciate and value individual differences, benefit from varied perspectives on how to confront business challenges and achieve success.

Those organizations who recognize the unique attributes and experiences people with developmental disabilities bring to their workforce reap a multitude of benefits by creating an inclusive positive environment and a cohesive confident team.

Since disability is a natural part of diversity, businesses can benefit by taking steps to ensure people with disabilities are represented in their workforce. What Can You Do Campaign?  

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Duvall Homes Journey's End

Happy National Pet Day

April 11, 2017 – Happy National Pet Day: Residents of Duvall Homes volunteer on a regular basis with the animals at Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary in Glenwood, just a few minutes from our Opportunities Enrichment Center (OEC) on our main campus.Duvall Homes Journey's End

Journey’s End provides care and shelter for dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep and birds that have been abused, neglected or have special needs.

Duvall Homes Journey's EndFor more information on the many programs that occur in Duvall’s Adult Day Training in our OEC, visit

Duvall Homes

New Sign & Award for Duvall Homes

January 20, 2016 A new sign for Duvall Homes is installed at the Grand Avenue campus in Glenwood, Florida and the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce  “noticed.”

You may have noticed the recent changes taking place on our main campus. So have others. The “We Noticed” Award is presented by Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce to a member business that has made noticeable improvements to their property/business.

Previous sign

Photos were taken with Chamber Ambassadors and sent to local media outlets, placed in Chamber communications and promoted through social networks. The plan was to provide greater visibility for Duvall Homes.


Duvall Homes Sign
New Sign for Duvall Homes

After months of clearing trees and debris, applying fresh coats of paint, removing old fencing and demolishing buildings, the facilities staff at Duvall Homes could take a bow. This initial facelift is just the start of changing features and physical improvements to come, so keep watching!