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Duvall Work Contract ProgrammingAfter developing their own unique personal skills to help them to achieve the highest level of independence possible, some volunteer experiences turn into rewarding vocational contracts for payment. One such example is Duvall Homes work contract partnership with MBI, an innovative, INC 500 print and mail production organization in DeLand, FL.

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As certain individuals attain competence in interacting socially, they are encouraged and prepared to participate in local events and to develop practical working relationships for and in the community, from volunteering for various services to practicing specific job skills.

As part of the Adult Day Training at Duvall’s Opportunity Enrichment Center, residents and day participants take part in many job training and volunteering opportunities. Some groups of individuals enjoy volunteering by creating and restoring items donated to Duvall and applying various skills learned in Day Training, while others take pride in sorting clothing, books and other items, and even operating a snack cart on our Glenwood campus.

Duvall HomesDuvall HomesGroup Home residents and Day Training participants alike volunteer throughout the City of DeLand and Volusia County at places like Meals on Wheels, Florida Hospital DeLand, Publix Super Markets, Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary and other locations.

As part of the Adult Day “Job” Training at Duvall’s Opportunity Enrichment Center, residents and day participants take part in many aspects of organizing and redistributing donated items, such as creating or restoring broken items that can then be donated back to other nonprofit organizations.

Duvall HomesDuvall HomesResidents and Day Training participants sort donated clothing to be resold or sent to recycling. Duvall Homes is grateful for donations of household furnishings, books and clothing.

Another example of community outreach is when Adult Day Training residents and participants actively engage in artistic endeavors such as creating original paintings then sharing their masterpieces with the community. Duvall Homes Art For Everyone Program has exhibited numerous occasions throughout the County of Volusia during the past two years. One such exhibit was host to an area Chamber event in which several Duvall Homes artists were featured at the Hand Art Center at Stetson University. Their exhibition of works were attended by local businesses, college students and friends and family members of Duvall Homes.

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Engagement in community events and services builds self-esteem and confidence in offering valuable contributions while actively building communication skills and experience in quality social interaction.

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