Community Outreach 2.0

Duvall Homes

On November 2, 2016, after being educated on the ongoing importance of raising awareness for those fighting cancer and further developing their vocational and creative skills, Duvall Home’s Adult Day Training participants took to the sidewalk proudly wearing personally designed t-shirts created at the Center. This full-circle educational exercise is only one inspiring example of the many ways in which Duvall Homes’ residents and community participants get involved and practice community engagement and awareness for all populations in need of attention.

The Stetson University Greenfeather Grant was awarded in 2015, and the funds used for materials to support Duvall Homes’ Day Training Program in its Opportunities Enrichment Center continue to benefit people with developmentally disabled residents in our care.

Other funds from the Greenfeather Grant supported technology and software training equipment vital to enabling users to engage socially and increase self-expression.

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