Duvall Homes Technology

The Adult Day Training Program at Duvall Homes’ Opportunities Enrichment Center is central to our mission of empowering people with developmental disabilities to ensure they reach their full potential as individuals and as members of the community. And, the professional Adult Day Training staff instills this empowerment through educational, vocational and life-skills training, and the use of technology.

Beyond the usual conventions of social media and technology that many take for granted, Duvall Homes has enhanced its technology program specifically for those with little or no verbal capabilities, to pull them into the conversation.

More than 50 percent of Adult Day Training participants struggle to make their feelings known, and technology and assistive software is vital to opening the door to self-expression and discovery.

Duvall Homes ADTTechnology currently in use has shown remarkable results, enabling users to engage in a form of social exchange and conversation where they were otherwise limited (to silence). Where they were once shut in, they can now speak out.

Providing participants with iPads, programmed with specific software applications, has opened new worlds for them. With a simple touch screen, a nonverbal individual is able to communicate what he or she needs or wants through a series of diagrams, photos or graphic displays. Helping to create a type of language through pictures, this tool serves as a proven bridge between isolation and inclusion.

TechnologyFor those at higher-functioning levels, iPads have been customized with Apps and features tailored to individual skill sets to be used as an educational tool. Progressive levels of work can be assigned as goals are mastered and individuals accomplish new skills. Manipulation of the iPad tablet also helps with hand-eye coordination and develops improved manual dexterity. For those with vision impairments, the screen text size can easily be enlarged to meet their needs and keep them engaged.

For Adult Day Training consideration, please contact
Shirley Zonnevylle, Director of Adult Day Training (Opportunity Enrichment Center), 386.734.2874 x103