Duvall Partners with Stop Hunger Now Orlando

Stop Hunger Now
June 25, 2015 Just weeks ago, Duvall Homes launched a new partnership with Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now Orlando) and after a speedy start-up, residents have already packaged 2,000 meals!  Not only are those in desperate need of food provided for, but at the same time, the developmentally disabled served by Duvall Homes benefit from a new sense of purpose, achievement and community outreach. Packaging has been incorporated into the Day Training curriculum at Duvall Homes and participants are excited to continue with their mission to help others. Giving back is an integral part of the Duvall Homes philosophy and this important project is just the latest in a long line of efforts our residents are making to do their part! We are proud to recognize them and keep you updated with their accomplishments!