DaVita Labs Digs for Duvall Home

Duvall Homes

June 30, 2014 Last week, nearly 80 volunteers from both DeLand and Ft. Lauderdale offices of DaVita Labs, stepped up to volunteer at five group homes operated by Duvall Home, in Glenwood.

DaVita, the diagnostic laboratory servicing both dialysis organizations and physician practices, worked in close collaboration with Duvall Home staff to organize the day’s event. Volunteers helped by clearing brush, planting flower beds and shrubs and adding mulch as the final touch in a major landscape beautification project that included 900 plants and extended over several acres.

“DaVita Labs is deeply committed to engaging in and having a lasting impact on the DeLand community, because this is not just where we work, it’s also where we live,” said Jason Cline at DaVita Labs. “We deeply respect and admire the work of Duvall Home and are proud to be able to lend a helping hand in support of their efforts.”

Licensed by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Duvall Home is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides quality residential care and day training programs for adults with developmental disabilities, such as down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy. Serving more than 130 individuals, Duvall Home has been a landmark fixture in the DeLand community for decades and will celebrate its 70th Anniversary in 2015.

“We rely on the support of community neighbors to help raise our visibility and champion our mission,” said chief executive officer, Steven DeVane, adding “our friends at DaVita Labs have helped us achieve what we could not have accomplished on our own and we are forever grateful for their leadership, service and tremendous generosity.”

Not only did DaVita offer a day of service, they also donated $3,000 toward the cost of the materials needed to enhance the group home properties.

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