Big Dog Signs & Graphics Provides Work Contract

Big Dog Signs

March 1, 2020 – Duvall Homes was recently awarded a work contract from Big Dog Signs & Graphics, a Central Florida company that provides custom promotional products, signage and more. The new contract adds to the growing skills being mastered by ADT participants and helps create awareness in the community about how Duvall Homes can help manage workload challenges. 

The first 30,000-piece project went off without a hitch and twelve participants added a new level of training to their skill sets. 

Product cards were delivered by Big Dog to Duvall’s Opportunities Enrichment Center, where participants off-loaded to begin assembly. Three buttons were attached to pre-printed cards and sorted into bundles. Some individuals worked the production line, while others served as quality control oversight.

Big Dog Signs

If your place of business needs help with an assembly project, give us a call to learn about how we can help! Contact Shirley Zonnevylle, Duvall Homes’ Opportunities Program Director, at 386-734-2874, extension 103.